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Sow water,
a hope for the Sahel

Elio Pacilio
Executiv Vice-President
Green Cross Italy

The Africa weighed heavy as a big stone on our conscience and in our common future.
Take care of Africa is fair. We can't tolerate that the conditions of life of milions of people, are those in which a lot of African populations live.
Concrete facts give us inevitable informations: figures, images and shock film periodically are focus on the pupils of the citizens of the North of the world.
These informations represent the extreme poverty, the death rate due to hunger and thirst. The diffusion of HIV: with dead, infected and orphans.
The resumption of diseases as malaria, tuberculoisis or measles.
But also wars, those fighted all over the world this last decades, caused more of half of dead in Africa.
Result: in the great part of the subsaharian countries the hope of living don't exceed the forty. Moreover, about the 40% of the children in the world that can't attend a school live in those countries.
We have to take part in it, our ethic sense and our moral force us to do it. Not only, our awareness that helping Africa we help the future of our children force us to do it. In fact, how we can think that problems like that could remain isolated, restrict, faraway, in so overall and linked world?
Nothing can break off the travel of the hopeless for arrive where they ca be assisted, where the dream take up again.The dream of a future for their children.
We want help them in order to take up them dreaming without cut off their roots and their culture. We want to take our knowledge without eliminate their history.
It's frequent to speak of Africa in singular.
But Africa is plural and it will be better start to talk of severals Africa.
We have direct one of our projects in Burkina Faso, country known for been at the last position in all the rating of poverty. It's a country in which the pride of the people it's the first component of resistance and rebirth. It's a country in which is in progress a big local and overall effort. In the Africa a lot of things are in start up, severals things are changing and in the middle of the rubble there are a lot of opportunities. We wanted start from the Water.Primary element for living.
With the populations of two countries of the North of Burkina Faso we have start to work for bring back the water in the villages. Either for the drinking water and for the health services. For domestic use and for the community, for the education and for the agriculture.
The work is to restore some forsaken wells and build some special tanks that collect and preserve rainwater: a sort of Water's House.
These houses have a community use and represent a new market place where consolidate the respondability in the management of the resort.
In the local tradition, some private house will change not only through the achievement of special interventions for collect and keep water.
The technologies and the materials will be local and essential, in order to be easly reproduced and manage locally. Part of the intervention promote the support in the basic agriculture activities with the aim af alleviate emigration toward the capital, provide the development of the economic activities, increase the social cohesion and improve the health of the population.
The population will be involved in the project from the preparation of it, they follow the starting and thay will have the management responsibility.
15.000 people will be benefited of this effort that lasts three years.
Just friends join this adventure; they like us are persuaded of the worth of the project and the necessity of acting. We are waiting for more, able to have a dream and with the will of share it with our friend Burkinabè.

Elio Pacilio
Executiv Vice-President
Green Cross Italy

Access to Water isn't a privilege,IT IS A RIGHT
Access to Water isn't a privilege,

1.2 billion people do not have access to drinking water
2.4 billion lack basic sanitation
Thirst kills
So does dirty water

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