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A New Glasnost for the Planet

People cannot long tolerate living on a planet where millions of children have no clean water to drink and go to sleep hungry once they know that they have the power to change it.
Mikhail Gorbachev

The Road from a Fossil to a Sustainable Energy Economy: The Strategy in Iceland

Iceland would be almost entirely free from imported fossil fuel and its greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced to below 50% of the present level.
Bragi Árnason

A New Era in Climate Change Simulation

In the battle to understand and combat global climate change, Japan has been the first to introduce the Earth Simulator, a highly sophisticated laboratory that projects global meteorological patterns and helps scientists to model climate changes in a near-real environment. This breakthrough technology can bring about new discoveries that will help us predict our climate over the next 50 years.
Akimasa Sumi

The Dying Aral Sea

“Let's try to imagine for a minute that the Aral Sea no longer exists… Vast territories stand barren. Nothing holds the loose soils together. The sweeping Aral winds raise them high in the sky and carry them away. Along with sand and dust, the wind raises thousands of tons of salt, carries them for hundreds of kilometres and dumps them on farm fields. We are facing desertification.”
Nikolai Mikhalchuk

On Optimism

Today, optimism must be a seeker of core truths, and unchanging principles, for the optimist with investigative eyes will see more than good news.
Paula DiPerna

Reality and illusion

No wind will be good for a ship which does not know its way.
Leonid Hruzdzilovich

Reality and illusion

No wind will be good for a ship which does not know its way.
Leonid Hruzdzilovich

Forum Barcelona: New Ideas for Humankind

The old saying also teaches us that, while our way of looking at things must follow global parameters, our actions can begin in our own homes.
Joan Clos

Coiled Tubing: A Solution to Environmental Problems in the Oil-and-Gas Industry

Practical experience has confirmed the advantages of this new technology over traditional operations regardless of the type or stage of work. Now experts are aware of over 100 options and procedures for the efficient application of coiled tubing.
Stanislav Patin

The Case for Environmental Refugees

Global warming, more than war or political upheaval, stands to displace many millions of people over the next 50 years. So far little has been done at the official level in the international community to prepare for what now appears to be an inevitability.
Andrew Simms, Molly Conisbee

A City of Character

A city is a living thing, with a pulse and a personality that reveal its unique combination of energy and imagination. But the truest measure of a city, or a person, is character. And, if character is destiny, as Heraclitus maintained, then a city determines its fate by how it reacts to problems and challenges that test its spirit and resilience. Atlanta is the only American city to have been destroyed by war.
Sam A. Williams

Energy and the world’s future

Balancing the world's growing need for energy against our collective need for a healthy environment in many ways lies at the heart of the development challenge.
Ted Turner

The Right to Water for All the year 2020-25, the "water crisis" will have turned into a "water bomb": 60% of the world's population (4.8 billion people) will be living in areas with an acute shortage of potable water...
Mario Soares

Don't Worry, Be Happy?

The Kyoto processhas already moved beyond naive ideas of emission trading, in favor of joint projects where European countries invest in the introduction of cleaner technologies in Russian factories.
A. Alexander

Fire Alarm: Europe in Trouble

The EU claims that premeditated arson is the main known cause of fires that lay waste to the Old World and account for a total of 32% of all fires in the Mediterranean.
Sandro Teti

This World Is Not Enough?

If we continue to consume the Earth's resources at our current gluttonous pace, in the next 50 years we will need another two planets to satisfy our appetite. And we don't have them.
Rémi Parmentier

South Korea's Financial Crisis

The Korean government was ignorant about the ramifications of globalization and in particular failed to fully appreciate the risks brought on by financial globalization.
Hong-Koo Lee, Soogil Young

A Better World is Possible, with a Better United Nations System

The breakdown of the international system for peace and security which became tragically evident with the recent war in Iraq and the subsequent unilateral course of action in Iraq embarked upon by the world's leading power, caused widespread turmoil with serious consequences for the system of international institutions, particularly the UN
Federico Mayor

Water for all, quickly!

Willing to find and implement solutions that would help billions of men and women currently deprived of the essential need, we made the appeal: "water for all, quickly."
Gérard Mestrallet

Globalization and Democracy

Even in a period of asymmetric globalization, it is always possible to spend more, and more wisely, on meeting social demands. To this end, two conditions seem to me to be essential: the recovery of the fiscal capacity of the State and the concentration of expenses.
Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Moment of Truth, or Two Rules of Co-existence

We are the first generation making ethical decisions that will determine whether we will be the last generation. Science, technology and sophisticated social organizational skills have provided us with unprecedented capacities for enrichment or destruction. I believe that there is an ethical responsibility to future generations to ensure we are not passing on a future of horrific wars or ecological catastrophe. As individuals and organizations that have received the Nobel Peace Prize, we, particularly, have a heightened responsibility to encourage and empower ethically informed policies.
Jonathan Granoff

The Human Aspects of the Global Environment

The climate cannot be put in a cage or deposited in a bank. Air is the freest element on this earth: it is everywhere. It gets into every corner. The wind and rain are not constrained by borders or obstacles. Climate is the most global thing that exists: unless it is dealt with through a global framework, all the citizens of the world will pay the price for its neglect.
Shimon Peres

A Decade of Resolving Conflicts and Healing the Environmental Scars of War: 10th Anniversary of Green Cross International

We desperately need to recognize that we are the guests not the masters of nature and adopt a new paradigm for development, based on the costs and benefits to all people, and bound by the limits of nature herself rather than the limits of technology and consumerism.
Alexander Likhotal

Harnessing Wind Power in Germany: Towards Renewables 2004

Nuclear and steam power companies do not regard the renewable energy industry as a worthy adversary, and yet they are still bent on improving their environmental quality indicators proving that their business constitutes limited threat to the environment. ... ...But ecologists seem to be less concerned with pollutant emissions than with the potential threat of such power plants. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986 demonstrated just how devastating the nuclear energy industry can be...
Yuri Dudinski


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